Hofigal Healthcare Products

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100% Natural and Effective Healthcare Supplements and Remedies from Hofigal

Hofigal manufactures and markets a wide range of herbal and aromatic herbs, medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics and active pharmaceutical products that are highly effective.

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Hofigal Vedisan

Supports the health of the eyes

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hepatic Forte

Assists removal of toxins

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Depurin

Detoxifying laxative tablets

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hof Lipomin

Regulates cholesterol

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Viodana

Effective anti wrinkle cream

50ml Cream €xx

Hofigal Supliform

Anti cellulite gel

75ml Gel €xx

Hofigal Spirulina

Dietry supplement

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Catinofort

Fortifying supplement

Box 60 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Colerd

Blood/Heart Health

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Armuhep

Liver Health

Box 20 Tablets €xx

Complete Antioxident

Body Antioxident

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Complex Alfalfa

Vitamin Supplement

Box 50 Tablets €xx

Detoxifying Complex

Liver Health

Box 40 Tablets €xx

Gal Extravit

Vitamin Supplement

Box 30 Tablets €xx

Hofigal Comprilax

Dietry Supplement

Box 40 Tablets €xx

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